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About Us

Our Showcase Packs

Be one of 40,000 new and expecting mums to receive a sample filled Showcase Pack, inspired by nature and all things beautiful...

Showcase Advertising provides a samples and voucher distribution service for small, midsized and large business, looking to reach new and expecting mums.  Our Packs are handed out at selected maternity hospitals and obstetrician practices Australia wide.

Showcase Advertising offers business the opportunity to place their brands directly at the forefront of consumers minds and create awareness of environmentally friendly, biodegradable and organic products and services.

Experience the excitement, and "try before you buy".

Showcasing Brands and Content

Showcase Advertising's extraordinary attention to it's content and commitment to quality places them as one of the fastest growing sampling companies in Australia.

We are very selective when choosing products and services to place in the samples pack, and maintain a strong focus on elevating the eco friendly and organic awareness of baby products.

We hand pick and curate all our participating advertisers, and are very selective when choosing distribution channels for our Showcase packs, we have selected hospitals and obstetrician practices we are proud to say we distribute to.


Showcase Advertising prides itself on providing an exclusive and direct distribution channel for all participating advertisers.  We are exclusive through selected Maternity Hospitals and Obstetrician Practices, ensuring our Showcase packs are directly placed into the hands of expectant and new mothers, reaching approximately 40,000 families each year.



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